Secret Of The Week

I totally forgot to blog about last week's secret of the week despite having chosen the one I wanted to write about.

My bad.

Anyways, yet again, this week, I chose 2 secrets because I felt that the two I chose are very significant to what I'm going through in my current life.

Here you go. Again, I got these from PostSecret.

The above secret struck a chord with me because as I previously blogged, I am tired of knowing I can't rely on anyone even if I am supposed to have tons of friends.

I guess the operative word is really 'supposed' no? Truthfully, I have always had a very strict definition of friends, unlike most people. And true enough, most of the people who called me their friend - they did, I didn't - are nowhere to be found nowadays, especially when I don't go out as often as I did.

But you know what, I ain't surprise nor am I perturb that these kinds of people were nothing but my minions. I could really count the people who are till today, in touch with me and even meet me; then again, I knew how it went anyways. I'm just glad that the people I considered friends are the ones who still keep in touch and not the other way around.

It really takes a lot of energy to maintain friendships and if you know me enough, you know that I am a mirror - how you are to me is how I am to you, and some.

Oh well.

The above, on the other hand, got me thinking.

More often than not, we tend to feel miserable when problems come knocking. Yes, eventually, some of us get up and face it while others get drowned in their problems that by the time they find the strength to face it, it's a tad bit too late.

I like the message of this secret. I totally agree that facing our problems head on would allow us to feel better, even if that particular problem is not entirely solved.

Personally, I have accepted that something I recently lost could never be retrieved again and the acceptance of that loss has allowed me to feel better and become a stronger person.

At the end of the day, all problems can be resolved. It's just a matter of how much we want to solve them. More importantly, the Benevolent God would not give us the problems we are facing if we are not equip and strong enough to solve them, y'know?

And who are we to argue with God's wisdom?


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