Secret Of The Week

Every week, I check PostSecret to read the postcards that are sent and I pick the ones I could relate to and try to expound on them with my own personal thoughts.

Anyways, this week, I chose two and they are:

Do you tell your parents how much you appreciate and love them enough?

Really, how often do we all show and tell the best two human beings in our respective lives that we love and appreciate them?

Yes, they know that we do love them but after what they have done for us, all the sacrifices and the unconditional love, do you think them knowing is enough?

I don't know about y'all but I think it's not.

This is the second postcard that I like.

It's more personal to me and I like how 'hope' is used as the catalyst to connect the past, the present and the future. Suffice to say, when you go through a dark time in your life, it allows you hope to have a better today and tomorrow.

All we really in our lives is hope, don't we?

Whatever we do, whatever we have, the end game is still hope, no?

Think about it.


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