Katy Lim Li Lian, Fuck You!

Yes, you read it right; KATY LIM LI LIAN, FUCK YOU!

I kept mum on the 'Namewee' issue because, to me, it's nothing but a desperate cry for attention by a struggling and so-called rap artiste. I totally understand where he was coming from but the method by which he, in his words, fight racism is totally wrong.

Instinctively, I knew what he did was gonna be a huge problem. Not because of the video itself but the reactions of the people who saw it, from both sides of the coin. The Malays would be insulted and the Chinese would have a rallying cry and that is just what happened. But still, I refrained from writing something because as I said, to me, it was nothing but a publicity stunt to promote his name and his upcoming album.

I know there are lots of emails and texts and what not passing around amongst the Chinese, talking about the video and all. But this Katy Lim Li Lian brought the issue to a whole new level.

It's one thing to criticize and/or make fun of Malays but it is a totally different thing to go against Islam. And this is what this girl did. Worst, she did it with malice and without remorse at all, even if she was being attacked by those who were offended.

And I am one of those who is offended!


Seriously, I'm trembling as I am typing this entry. I even took time to compose myself, hoping that my anger would subside but you know what, I may not be a model Muslim but I am a Muslim and proud to be one!

I wonder what her parents have to say about their daughter being a bigot. I don't want to speculate or make an assumption but I have said over and over again, education starts from home.

Man, I am still angry! How stupid can this girl be? It's one thing to hate Islam in the comfort of your own home and thoughts but to be open about it in a public forum like Facebook?

What has become of our children? In a previous entry, I wrote a piece vis a vis the question of whether Malaysians are racists; I was of the opinion that only kids are not racists because they don't know what it is.

But I guess I am wrong. If someone like this bitch - who's probably a teenager - could insult a religion, then to be perfectly honest, and while I don't support any type violence, I wouldn't complain and cry foul either if something bad happens to her.

Who am I kidding? If I knew her personally, I would make sure she gets the biggest bitch slap from me!

It's one thing to insult 9 million Malays but it's another whole level to insult 2 billion Muslims!

Really, how dumb can this girl be? Does she know that Muslims will ask for her death? She's still lucky she lives in Malaysia where Islam extremists are not a lot but still, she just imprisoned herself for the rest of her life! If she lived in a place like Indonesia, I can bet everything I have she and her parents would be dead by tonight!

I pity her. I don't hate her, I think she's just misguided, naive and stupid. I fear for her safety, truthfully. I don't know what's gonna happen to her and more importantly, I hope she offers a public apology before something untoward happens to her.

And as for Namewee, he should be tried for sedition, no matter what he claims. He may be fighting racism - I don't buy this though - but what he did brought about hatred and bigotry amongst those who listened to him.

And Katy Lim Li Lian is one of them.


P.S. If you read the messages that went back and forth, it was only the little bitch who touched on religion!


Anonymous said...

I may not be a Muslim, but I have Muslim friends, two of whom are the best friends I've ever had and I must say, this Katy girl is very primitive. I don't see what her problem with Islam is, but I can tell you that I wholeheartedly agree with you; she's misguided and naive, and none too many people will feel sorry if something unfortunate befalls her. Reading her comments only fueled my frustration and rage at how our Malaysian society has regressed to such a state where one race insults another, despite our government's best efforts to promote unity. I'm not Muslim as I said, but as I sit here reading her comments, I'm struggling hard to not find a way to find her profile and openly condemn her. Such people should be made to suffer the same pain they have inflicted on others, for they undoubtedly have deserved it. Serves her right if someone sees fit to slap her, I say! Anyway, thanks for the blog; you've actually enlightened me about Malaysia's environment; I didn't know that Indonesia had such extremists who would go to such extent to punish people like Katy. Keep writing, and cheers!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Muslim either but the bitch is such a fucking attention whore. I mean, goodness, she hates racism and yet she acts like one. Doesn't she have a brain? with the all girly "I'm innocent" type of smile she had on her facebook? She looks more like a narrow minded, whore pig's child if u ask me and add it with such disgusting, uncivilized attitude. Masking herself to be an anti-racist and yet a big fat racist whore herself. She must have slam her stupidass head during her time in her mom's womb. Pathetic little bitch. I hate racist so much that they are indeed the assholes of the society. and I don't believe all Malaysians are racist cuz everyone in this world have this stupid minded cunts called racist and not only Malaysia has one of them. Don't pity for her safety, she deserves to be hit by a truck or buried alive by cement. I'm a Christian but I respect Allah as much as I respect Jesus. I love all religion and all race and there is nothing to hate excpet for those people who are racist/sexist/some of the atheist who never respect religion. Love lots to Malaysia from the Philippines. We support that not all Malaysians are racist. :)

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