It's Berba's Night!

Finally, Man United's much-maligned #9 showed why the the boss kept faith in him, even after numerous calls from the fans to let him go.

Man United's #9 is the King of the night!

Dimitri Berbatov is a soccer genius and albeit he only shows us glimpses of his ability, there is a reason why Sir Alex stood his ground and kept the Bulgarian striker at Old Trafford.

But tonight, all the Red Devils fans were treated to a front seat show of how much we need him in our team. His 3 goals against Man United's biggest rival kept us 4 points off of Chelsea. And in these times when #10 is still not up to his best, it is our #9 that saved the day.

His goals were well-taken and the 2nd one is sublime, the work a of a pure genius with a soccer ball.

#9's second goal is pure class!

I just hope that after showing the fans the class that he has, we will then shut the fuck up and allow him to play in peace.

Oh, scoring a hat-trick against Liverpool catapults #9 to legendary status. Not only did we beat Liverpool, the last time anyone in Red scored a hat-trick against the Reds of Liverpool was in 1946!

Hail Berba!

Can we all say, 'Hail Berba!' now?


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