It Feels Like I'm 18 Again!


It's as if time stood still or I somehow went back to a time when I was 18.

Don't you think it's stupid to ask if someone has lost weight when it's pretty obvious that they have?

Before your minds start to wander or wonder, I'm talking about about my weight. I'm now only 67Kg and the last time I was at 67Kg was when I was 18.

I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. Yes, I'm in remission but that doesn't justify me falling down to this weight. I was fluctuating between 69-71 the last few months but never below that.


It's not because I'm fasting either, I know that. I feel good, I run almost daily and have locked up a pretty good stamina, better than I've had in years. I now averagely run for 30 min at a good pace, so I know I'm aight.

I'd rather have my belly back than look like like how I am now! Dayum!

But why is my weight down to when I was 18? It's very conspicuous when I'm wearing loose clothes, but the again, most of my clothes are loose. How lah like that?




Oh, by the way, just in case y'all are wondering, the reason why I knew my weight was 67Kg when I was 18 is because I love Ralph Lauren and their number has always been 67, similar to Nike's 72.

Yes, just one of my many eccentricities :-)


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