Em Is The Undisputed King Of Rap!

The VMA 2010 may have been a Lady Gaga show after she won big time with 8 awards. Or the much hyped Kanye v Taylor Swift 'reunion' but to me, being a hip-hop fan and all, it was Em's coronation as the best rapper in Hip-Hop.

For the night, he won Best Male Video as well as Best Hip-Hop Video, his second in as many years after winning the same category last year for 'We Made You.'

Now, to be the recognized as the undisputed best rapper in hip-hop , you need to fulfill 3 criteria: critical success, commercial success and fan adulation. Eminem's latest album - Recovery - has just done all that.

Some rappers enjoy critical success but tank in the sales department, forget about getting adulation from the fans. Some enjoy commercial success and fan adulation but the critics shun them.

I guess y'all know what I'm trying to say.

But it must be said though that Em may be the best rapper out there, Jay-Z is still the undisputed King of Hip-Hop.


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