Back To TV Bumming

After a 2 months hiatus, I started watching TV again.

I spent the entire month of Ramadhan trying to atone for the things I have done as well as taking a journey into my innermost self to find out the man who I was once and bring it back to the surface.

Anyways, so yeah, in the last 2 months, I didn't watch anything at all, besides a bit of news here and there. And now that the holy month is over, I then relaxed a bit and started watching some shows to entertain myself.

First, I finished the whole Season 1 and most current episode of Jersey Shore. I don't about y'all but I was never a fan of reality shows but if truth be told, I enjoy watching Jersey Shore because, unlike the other MTV reality shows such as Hills and what not, it is pretty real.

I used to wonder why Snooki - the short Guidette - became so popular but after watching Jersey Shore, I now understand the fascination. She's one hilarious girl! I like the fact that the show tries to be real as it could be, y'know? The cast smoke and they show that. They also show the cast hooking up with people and the fights that they get into.

It's pretty much real as it could be and that is why I enjoyed watching it.

Then we have Nikita, one of the new shows on CW. Let's face it, the main reason why I wanted to watch it in the first place is because of Maggie Q. And having watched the premier, it's a pretty decent show and only watching further episodes would then I be able to say that if it is good as Alias was.

But right now, seeing Maggie Q in different stages of undress - oh, they had to put that in, lot of them actually - is enough for me to follow the show. Episode 2 is tonight :-)

And lastly, Gossip Girl is back. I've watched the firs 3 seasons without fail, I may as well continue, no? LOL

There you go, I'm back to doing some TV bumming.


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