Yes We Are!

Whether we are brave enough to admit it or not, the truth of the matter is that, we Malaysians are, in a way, racists.

Racism seems to be the main topic in the country these days. The stupid principals who acted against students from other races to Perkasa championing their stupid cause to Chinese businessmen asking for equality and blah blah blah.

Malaysia is a multi-racial nation, yes. But are we free of racism?

A long time ago, I asked the question of whether Malaysians are racists or not. And I want to ask the same question again; only this time, I will answer it myself since most of us don’t have the fucking balls to admit it.

Yes we are. We are racists in our own way. The only difference is that some of us are outright racists while others are closet racists; some of us are slightly racists on particular things while others are racists in most things.

But the bottom-line is, we all have some form of racism tendencies in our veins and in our bloods. And if you could really be honest with yourself, you know I am merely speaking the truth; a truth that most of us would deny on the surface but secretly agree.

In fact, I would even dare say that majority of Malaysians are racists.

The many faces of Malaysia. How many of you could say they are racism-free?

Man, I could cite a lot of examples to prove my case but you all know what I’m talking about. Even those who don’t consider themselves racists by nature are guilty, at times, of being one. Look, just be honest with yourself and admit that even if you are not racist, you do make some racist remarks now and then.

Now, does ‘now and then’ make you racists? Yes, it does!

Feel me?

Honestly, ask yourselves these: when you see and witness how lame and inefficient our government servants are, what do you say to yourself? Doesn’t a particular race come to mind? Similarly, how about when you see a bunch of drunken kids who belong to a particular race being rowdy and rude, don’t you think that it’s given because they’re from that particular race? Or how about when you hear that a girl is such a gold digger that she’d be willing to whore herself out to even the fugliest of men; don’t you think of a particular race?

If you care to admit and stop lying to yourself, you would agree with my contention that we are all, at times, racists in one way or the other.

Whether you admit or not, there are times when we allow ourselves to be racists in some form

Let’s move on to something more personal – relationships. Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather be with your own kind? Say, if you’re a Chinese girl and there are 3 guys who fit the criteria of your dream man and whom you’re perfectly comfortable with, would you ever choose to be with the Malay or the Indian? Hell no!

Racism comes in all shapes and sizes. There are times when we don’t even realize we’re being one; we’re just acting on our thoughts.

Look, I will be the first person to admit it and I am not gonna deny that sometimes, I am prejudiced against certain races in certain circumstances. And while I don’t think I have a fiber in my body that allows me to call myself a racist, I do slip up once in a while.

Only children are not racists for they couldn't comprehend what it is.

I was born into a diplomat father whose father is a statesman; a father whose office is filled with every color imaginable to mankind. I have travelled and lived in a lot of countries, living amongst different races in the world. I was schooled in institutions that are truly international in nature. I’m sure I know more people from different countries in the world than most. And I am in a long-standing relationship with someone from a different race.

But despite all the aforementioned, I am saying that I, at times, make racist comments and/or gestures. Sometimes, I am conscious and other times, I’m not.

And most Malaysians didn’t live the way I did. So, if I could be guilty of slipping up once in a while, what more you?

Again, deny all you want, we all know I am speaking the truth.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that all of us are racist in many ways. But the way to stop it is to have self control and learn to love all other things may it shock us or made us feel awkward. I don't think all Malaysians are racist, yes, we all are indeed having potential to be a racist, but do we have the potential to fight our inner demons? Yes, we have. And by respect and love, I believe we can gain control ourselves from further discrimination towards other race and society. Children are such a precious creatures and we all know we don't want them to stain their innocence with such awful society of mankind, right? Conformity is understandable but we have our own decisions if we want to be influenced by the society or not. If it's either good or bad, it's up, not to the country, but to every individual exist in this world to choose their best option. Racism doesn't run in our blood, it's not compulsory, it's VOLUNTARY. It's up to you if you want to voluntary or not.

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