What Other Side Of The Coin?

In life, we are often told that, to maintain objectivity, we need to look at both sides of the coin. But unfortunately, like life in general, this adage is something that is nice to hear but ain’t nothing but a concept.

For in reality, even if we are told or taught that it’s always best to look at both sides, we tend to look only one side and form out decision based on what we see on that side.

No one in this world is objective if it's personal

When I met up with Tin-Tin the other day for coffee, we touched on – well, I did most of the talking – the simple fact of how people tend to side people without bothering to get to the crux and the truth of the matter.

Case in point, my recent fall out with certain people from the north. I explained to her that up there, I am perceived to be the bad guy. Tin then countered that it couldn’t be true, considering that I am a nice person and all, and have always been there for the people I had a fall out with. Plus, she knows me and whatever it is that I’m accused of doing, she knows that there ain’t an iota of truth behind it.

Yes, she is right, there is no truth in the things I’m accused of but that is besides the point. The point is, when someone hears one side of the story, and when they hear it from someone they know for quite some time, they tend to think it as the truth.

Does anyone really look at both sides before making a personal decision? The answer is no.

I further explained to Tin-Tin that while I am seen as the bad person, in as far as the peeps in the north are concerned, the people here like herself, on the other hand, who has witnessed first-hand what I went through to try to repair what is already broken, think that it’s people like the gay boy and My Li'l Girl who wronged me

And I reminded her that none of them tried to understand the other side when they all supported me..

You know what, no matter how we want to be objective, when it comes to things that are personal in nature, we throw objectivity out of the window and be there for the people whom we are close to.

Is this a wrong thing to do?

I don’t think so.

Who say's life is fair, eh?

But if we choose to do that, let’s put the bullshit of objectivity aside, shall we? We are all guilty of taking sides when two people go against each other; heck, even the Swiss won’t argue with what I just said!

Ha! Other side of the coin?

What about it?


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