What Constitutes Amazing?

For quite some time now, I wanted to change the ringing tone on my phone. I’ve been using Empire State of Mind for over a year now and as much I am a Jay-Z fan through and through, I was kinda bored with it already - the tone, not the song.

Anyways, so yeah, I changed it to Em and Rihanna’s ‘Love The way You Lie’. What other song could I've possibly wanted? I've been listening to that song religiously since it first leaked, way before it got radio air play.

'Love The Way You Lie' is my new ringing tone :-)

And if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’d know that I have repeatedly said that I could so relate to the rhymes on a very personal and a very deep level.

So yeah, while changing my ringing tone, I also changed My Small Baby’s. Ever since caller ringing tones first came out, her default tone - save for a few months last year when I used Akon’s ‘Beautiful’ - had always been ‘No One Else Comes Close.’

I wanted her tone be more upbeat, contemporary and current and I chose Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’ because, even if the lyrics are bordering on corny, “there's not a thing that I would change” about her, y’know?

My Amazing Small Baby!

And I’m not just talking about her looks; I’m talking about her as a person. Those of you who have had the privilege of meeting and personally knowing My Small Baby would agree that she’s indeed an amazing human being.

Oh, speaking of which, I had an ex-girlfriend who told me point blanked that she doesn’t think I’m ‘amazing’ and yet, she also told me that she loved me unconditionally. But it’s all good though because I know that amongst her peers - the privileged few I opened my heart to – she’s alone in that belief and thought.

To think that the man she gave her unconditional love to is not amazing enough in her eyes just boggles the mind, no? And you know what, I find it ironic and yet funny at the same time that her ex-boyfriend and friends thought I was an amazing person. LOL Oh, oh, here’s another cracker, while she thinks I’m not good enough to be perceived as ‘amazing’, she refers to her best friend’s ex-roommate as one! Ha!

I may not be amazing to You but everyone around You thinks I am. And You think My Small Baby is! ha!

Oh well.

God has a way of showing us who we are meant to be with. If the person you’re in-love with doesn’t think that you’re amazing enough just the way you are, then that person is not right for you.

So yeah, don’t short change yourselves by being contended of just being loved; you need to demand more than that. You need to be amazing in their eyes and I’m not talkin’ about just being amazing at a particular something.

Feel me?

Never ever settle for anyone who doesn't think you're amazing...

Contrary to what the so-called romantics would want you to believe, the truth is, love alone is not good enough to make a relationship work. And if you want your relationship to last a lifetime, it certainly and definitely takes way more than that.

And start by making sure that when your partner sees you, they see amazing written all over.

Oh, you know my ex who didn’t think I was amazing? She thinks My Small Baby is!



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