There’s Always ‘That One’, Isn’t There?

Life is full of regrets.

Some more than the others. But all of us have regretted something.

There's always that something or that someone that got away

There’s always that one thing or person that we regret letting go, no? It could be the job that came our way but chose not to take it and took something else. It could be that holiday that was replaced by another holiday that was perceived to be better then. Or how about the person that you loved so much but didn’t appreciate and only realized when they were gone? Or how about the opportunity to ask for forgiveness when it was still possible but was not made?

Whatever they may be, there is always that one that we should have done but didn’t.

But now that those opportunities are gone and seemingly beyond human reach, what are we left to do?

I personally have experienced first-hand such unreachable conclusions. As an example, in retrospect, I should have stayed within the FMCG industry as opposed to jumping into advertising. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in G2 but I would have been a better person had I stuck to FMCG.

Remember, you are not alone. There are others like you who are full of regrets.

On a relationship level, I’m unfortunate that I haven’t lost someone who could be a source of eternal regret. Of course, like any human being, losing a love one is painful but we all grow out of it and positively look at the reasons why such a union never lasted in the first place. Moreover, I’m thankful to the Benevolent Allah that the losses I have had in relationships in the past led me to the arms of My Small Baby.

Anyways, I’m sure we all have lost ‘that one’ thing but you know what, don’t let it affect the way you live the rest of your lives. I know it’s easier than done but hey, even if the odds are stacked against us to correct them, make it a lesson, learn from it and ensure that they are not to be repeated.

We all have had the feeling regret letting go of ‘that one’ but what can we do?

Do you ever wonder why people don't find themselves? It's because we're suppose to create, not find

So I say, confine them to the list of regrets you have in your live and move on. There’s no point looking back, or spending too much time dwelling; if you do, you might not reach your destination.

So yeah, what are you waiting for?


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