Pingify Defined

In an entry I posted last month, I wrote about a friend of mine being 'unfriended' over Facebook by someone who is a friend of someone I was closed to, remember?

Anyways, over the course of the month after that entry, my friend has come up with a term that perfectly describes being 'unfriended' and has used it many times over Twitter, as and when he describes actions that are more or less being 'unfriended'.


The person in this photo is the inspiration behind the creation of the new word LOL

The term is 'pingify' and I promised my friend that I will blog about it and spread the word about this new word (no pun intended) that he came up with. So yeah, here goes:


v 1: unfriend on Facebook and/or other social media

"I was pingified by ... on FB!"

2: dismiss without rationale and/or valid justification

"At least when Alex was fired, he was told why; I was however pingified and it beats me why!"

Kids, now you've learned a new word. And the next time you find yourself in a situation where the definition of the word 'pingify' applies, please do not hesitate to use it. And don't y'all worry, the creator of the word is not gonna charge 'copyright' usages!


I actually like the person who was the inspiration behind the word. She's pretty smart and my friend and I couldn't believe that she did what she did because we both really thought she, amongst all her friends, was above the pettiness of the whole thing.

I guess we were wrong.

Oh well.


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