Last Year, 'Twas Batman; This Year, It's Robin's Turn

It's a no-brainer, really.

If you induct Batman into the Hall Of Fame, it's only right that you do the same with Robin, especially so, when Batman never won a ring without Robin by his side.

For every Batman, there is always a Robin

I hope I am not confusing y'all.

Batman is the greatest baller ever, Michael Jordan. He was inducted last year into the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame, which is a given thing to do; after all, how could you not honor the greatest player to ever play the sport?

Anyways, if you remember His Airness' speech last year, he mentioned that, in all the 6 championships he won with the Chicago Bulls, he was not alone. He had someone with him, his Robin, per se.

And this year, that Robin will also be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. And deservingly so. That Robin to MJ's Batman is none other than Scottie Pippen.

The Batman and Robin of the NBA!

Yes, #33 would forever be known as #23's sidekick but in reality, while he was that, he was, at the same time, more than that. Feel me?

Like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen has become synonymous with greatness. If #23 is used as the measurement of 'greatest' - Michael Jordan of Rap, MJ of Hockey, MJ of this, MJ of that; get my drift? - #33 has also become synonymous for a lot of things.

Who would ever forget this game? Or this picture?

Case in point: when LBJ left the Cavs in part because the management never got him his "Scottie Pippen" to properly chase an NBA championship. Similarly, in signing with the Miami Heat, he risks becoming more "Scottie Pippen" than "Michael Jordan," since that franchise already is known to be Dwyane Wade's team.

See what I mean?

And in basketball terms, I dare say that every coach would love to have a "Scottie Pippen" in his team - a player who can serve a variety of needs the way a Swiss army knife bails out campers.

Together with Dennis Rodman and His Airness, #33 was a major part of the 72-10 Bulls

On his own, #33 was a 7x NBA All-Star (MVP in 1994), 3x All-NBA First Team Selection, 2x All-NBA Second Team Selection, 2x All-NBA Third Team Selection, 8x NBA All-Defensive First Team Selection, 2x NBA All-Defensive Second Team Selection, a member of the 1992 Dream team and NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. The Chicago Bulls has also retired his #33 jersey.

Pippen's #33 is retired

Such is the greatness of Chicago's #33. And by Friday night, he's in the Hall of Fame. But just as impressive, Pippen is part of the vernacular and, better yet, is in the conversations that matter.

And as he joins the ranks of the greatest names in basketball history, who else could fittingly introduce him but the man whom he 'aided' to become the Greatest?

#33 was a great player in his own right

When you get to be introduced by the Greatest Player Ever, it shows everyone what kind of a player you are.

That is Scottie Pippen.


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