In Silence, I Hear The Whisperings Of The World

We really hear the sounds of truthful thoughts in silence, don't we?

Doesn't the world become more clear when we could hear the echoes of our thoughts pounding loudly in our minds and in our hearts?

It is only through silence that I hear my thoughts loudly and clearly

It's almost halfway through the Holy Month of Ramadhan and in between living my daily life and submitting myself to the Benevolent Allah; in between breaking fast, terawih and sahur, I took the opportunity to really, really take an objective and critical stock of my present life and the way I am living them.

The times I got to spend thinking allowed me to arrive at a decision that requires a major change in the way I live my life. I guess there's a point in one's life when the time to change the habits that govern your very existence comes.

And mine has finally come.

Yup, it's time to move on...

After much soul searching and self-deliberation - it was more straightforward actually – I decided that my days going clubbing on a weekly basis are over. Yes folks, IO is ‘retiring’ from being the social animal he has been for ages, the IO that many of you young Malaysians know and if cared to admit, envied.

Yes, that IO is done.

I am not saying that I’ll never go clubbing again; what I’m saying is that I won’t go just because I want to go.

Feel me?

When I boldly declared here in my blog on 1.1.09 that I am officially retiring from sneaker pimping, I wrote that:
“Retiring doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop buying Air Jordan’s completely; I am just going to pick and choose the pairs that are worth my money.”
My decision to retire from clubbing carries the same caveat as when I retired from sneaker pimping. Similarly, like what I wrote above, I am not saying I would never ever go clubbing; I’m just gonna pick and choose the times and more importantly, the reasons.

My wild partying ways and days are over

I guess some of you might think this is all a joke and nothing but a case of guilt trip from this holy month. I’m not gonna say I blame you though, y’know? But here’s a point to ponder: when I retired from collecting Air Jordan’s, not a lot of my fellow sneakerheads believed me. They said with confidence that they’d give me 3 months and I’d be back hunting for each and every J’s that come out.

Well, it’s a year and seven months to that declaration and I could tell you this, besides the all-white AJ series, I’ve been prudent with the J’s that I’ve purchased. Unlike before, I don’t go after Air Jordan that comes out, carefully choosing instead the ones that I really, really like and/or those that I have memorable moments to equate with.

And you know what, if I could stop doing what I’ve been doing for more than 23 years, I know and I believe that I could do the same with going out to socialize and party. Besides, it’s been a while since I truly enjoyed a night out anyways.

I've lived a wonderful life thus far. It's time to grow into greatness

Little by little, I am changing. It doesn’t even matter to me nowadays the catalysts for the changes. What I do know, and care about really, is that the time has come for me to change a huge portion of my lifestyle.

Call it whatever you like but the fact remains, while I would still be fundamentally the same person, I am changing the way I live my life.

Let us see who amongst you would prove to have liked me for who I truly am, and not for the legend or myth that I am to you.

As my favorite rapper said in ‘What More Can I Say’:
“I'm supposed to be number one on everybody list / We'll see what happens when I no longer exist”
Let's see indeed.

Otherwise, as the last line of the that verse concludes, I'ma just say 'Fuck this!’


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