I Am My Father’s Son

There is a saying that goes like this: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Indeed, it doesn’t.

My folks are in town and almost every night, my dad and I – and sometimes, my younger brother too, that is if he doesn’t manage to get away – engage in conversations about life in general, what’s going on in the world and always, in the end, we end up talking about Islam.

I love engaging my dad to debates about the world

I have always enjoyed the times I debated with my dad. He’s a very intelligent man, worldly, well-traveled, well versed in a myriad of things and topics, including Islam. Moreover, he’s my favorite partner when it comes to bantering, as his wit puts me on alert mode; being complacent with my dad is never a good thing because he comes up with thoughts that completely blinds the shit out of anyone and I need to be really on top of my game to risk being ridiculed like a little boy.

Anyways, in all these engagements, I am beginning to realize that the very thing that irritates me about my dad is the very same thing I do to people! Dayum! I know I am irritating at times but now I truly understand why people don’t like to debate with me.

In all fairness though, the debates I have with my dad is always exciting and a source to learn something new or learn more but there’s that times when I, or anyone for that matter, is making more sense, he becomes strongly advocated in his personal views, and this irritates me.

I am my father's son - Smart, Charming and at times, a Non-Conformist

I always end up with telling him that we should just agree to disagree and that’s how we always end up our debates. I may not be as well versed as he is but I could hold my own and for what it’s worth, I now realized that I should be more open-minded to other people’s thoughts, they just might make more sense

I am truly my father’s son and for the most part, that’s not a bad thing at all.


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