Has Malaysia Become The Philippines And Thailand For Middle Eastern Youths?

If anyone of you have been to and/or lived in the Arab world, you'd know that, to most adult men there, the Philippines and Thailand are two of their favorite countries to visit because of the ready availability of 'working women' for hire and a lot of Arab men actually visit these countries annually to sample the famous 'hospitality' local women are known for.

Middle Eastern Men like to visit 'exotic' places like TH and PH for the 'exotic' ladies

Having outlined the setting for this entry, I often wonder if Malaysia has become the equivalent of those two countries but catering to the college-aged Arabs, and to a certain extent, the Iranians.

And also, and this is very important, this entry is in no way generalizing the kids from the Middle East; I know for a fact that there are a lot of them who are really good kids.

The 9/11 tragedy has allowed Malaysia to become an educational hub for the Middle-Easterners and while the country could profit from such exchange, have we all stop to think the social stigma that Malaysia, and specifically our local girls, have become famous for?

Whereas the adult Arabs like to visit the Philippines and Thailand for some R&R, Malaysia has become the preferred country for tertiary education-seeking youths from the Middle East.

Malaysia has become the popular choice amongst Middle Eastern youths and partly because, apparently, the girls are easy

And one of the main reasons is because our girls are 'easy' and that 'so long as people are perceived to be rich’; they have no problems getting into relationships with the locals.


Could you blame sexually deprived Middle Eastern youths for wanting to come here? Not only do they get educated, they also get laid easily and for free, all because the girls of today do not know better and just because unlike the local dudes who live with their parents, these guys live on their own in a nice condo with a bunch of their country men.


Have our college girls become the 'bar girls' for the young?

I’m sure y’all have noticed the influx of Arab and Iranian students to these countries in recent times? Almost everywhere I go nowadays I see them around. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with them wanting to get educated in this country but when they start thinking that, just because the college girls they meet are easy, naïve and love the lure of money and material things, every Malaysian woman are like the kind of college kids they easily fool, then I would have an issue.

But so far, I am yet to meet any of them who crossed my path on a personal basis. I know they like to club a lot but I am yet to have an encounter with these so-called ‘wealthy’ Middle Easterners.

And speaking of the popular perception amongst Malaysian youths that these people ‘are fucking rich’, let’s just say that I will reserve my comments. The thing is, I am very familiar with the Arab World – their culture, beliefs, wealth and what not – having lived in that part of the world for quite a number of years and let me tell you this with certainty: the rich Arabs won’t be studying in Malaysia, 9/11 or not.

Trust me, I know. True wealthy Middle Easterners will not send their kids to Malaysia and despite the general blockage of students from that part of the world into universities in the States and Europe, that blockage only applies to the ‘normal’ families and not to the wealthy ones.

I ain't got no beef with these kids so long as they don't think every girl in town is like the girls they meet in college

You know, there is nothing wrong at all with multi-racial or multi-national relationships, provided that they are not based on some untruthful reasons. I would respect any girl who goes into a relationship with these Middle Easterners because they fell in-love, or even if because they are good looking, but to get into a relationships because they think these kids are wealthy, and worst if their parents are alright with it because of the same perceptions, then all I can say is that it serves them right when the Middle Easterners dump them to tears when it’s time for them to go back to their respective countries.

I wonder how many little girls with broken hearts are out there, eh?

What has become of our country? We are no different from the Philippines and Thailand; in fact, because of the stupidity and naivety of our girls, we are worst than those two countries; at least over there, they have to pay for the pussies they use – cheap yes but still at a price – while over here, it’s free.

At least Thai and Filipina bar girls get paid, no?

Is this the kind of country you would want to bring your children up in?

Just asking, just asking...


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