Filipinos Should Be Thankful And Proud, Not Critical

Aren't we supposed to be proud?

The day after the bloody carnage that killed 9 people – 8 Hongkong tourists and the hostage taker, a dismissed and disgruntled ex-police captain - the Filipinos woke up, still reeling from the utter shock and horror of what they witnessed the night, to watch the country’s bet in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant.

A gorgeous girl with a body to die for :-)

Maria Venus Raj, the 22 year old Filipina is a beautiful sight - tall, exotic looking and equipped with a great full-figured body. She is a rare sight for a South East Asian but then again, as I previously blogged a couple of months back, her father is Indian. Her mixed parentage is why she is what she is, an atypical Filipina woman.

Anyways, so yeah, she did well. In fact, she did really well. She got into the final 5 and was the only Asian in the top 5. She ended up 5th but you know what, it’s a fucking achievement! If you watch the video I attached, you’ll see that she was elegant through the different rounds of the competition.

A lot of the Filipinos are attributing her failure to go higher than the 5th placing to the answers she gave during the Q&A session.

This is what ticked me off actually. Granted it was not the best answer she could have given and there were minor grammatical mistakes but c’mon now, can’t you be less critical and analytical and be happy for her?

Click to watch Ms Philippine's performance throughout the competition

At a time when the whole of the Philippines is still devastated by the events that unfolded the night before, could the Filipinos be more forgiving? Instead of critiquing her answers, embrace the fact that she is not perfect. After all, not only did she bring pride to the Philippines and her people but she also made them smile with her answers.

Now how many Asian countries could say the same thing?

Where’s the love peeps, where’s the love?


In case you didn't know, Miss Mexico won.


I like Miss Jamaica :-)


Where is Ms Malaysia? We suck lah I tell you!


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