Drunk Reading, Anyone?


I'm sure you have either made or have been on the receiving end of such calls.

Personally, I can't remember the last time I made one and surely, if I can't remember making, there is no way I would remember the last time I received one.

Anyways, I know someone who drunk reads a blog, instead of making the call.

And I think it's cute. Like seriously, I find it cute.

I understand why picking up that dial is so difficult; so difficult that even just thinking of it makes one remember the injustices and hurt one went through. Believe you me, I do. And I’m just hoping that one day, ex-lovers could be civil with one another again, irrespective of how bad the break-up was or how hurt either were.

Didn’t You say you still care for all Your exes?

Didn't You also tell Your ex that talk is cheap?


Then it's time to walk the talk.


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