Bottomless Wealth Or Undisputed Greatness?

I got this from someone's Tumblr and while there are factual errors, such as His Airness's actual endorsements income - MJ's partial ownership of the Jordan Brand alone is definitely waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more than the USD40 M stated - let us just turn a blind eye on that and take what is written as they are.

Would you rather be: Bill Gates or Michael Jordan?

Both revolutionized the world in their own ways. Both pioneered something that has since become the basis and symbol of greatness in their fields. Both are global celebrities and instantly recognizable. Both will live forever for their contributions to their chosen causes. Both are astronomically wealthy beyond imagination.

Having said that, who would you rather be?

Would you want to be the the richest man in the world whose brilliance, while mainly undisputed, are being, if not, already rivaled by others?

Or would you rather be super duper uber rich but whose greatness is undoubtedly undisputed?

Would you rather be: Bill Gates or Michael Jordan?


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