The ABC's Of My Life

One of my favorite professors in college, in our normal Tuesday night chats, used to tell me me that there is no such thing as a big secret to life; that life was something that was truly easy and that it's the society, and ourselves, and the way we live our lives that makes it complicated.

So, while enjoying the serenity of the wee hours of the morning, I reminisced about those days when I was an eager kid trying to find ways to unlock the mysteries of life and a thought came to me: if life were really that simple, why not make a stock of my life in the easiest way possible?

I missed the talks about life that I used to enjoy with my Professor

And what is simpler than ABC?

This is one of those entries that really is for my benefit and for my benefit only but hey, if you choose to and want to know a bit more of Ivan Omar and his life, by all means, please read on :-)

As a caveat though, let me emphasize here that whatever written below is MY LIFE and I purposeonely excluded anything that is related to my family and my religion. If I were to include, say, my family, I would never finish! I come from a big, big family - thanks to my Grandfather for having so many wives - and the names of all my grand aunts, uncles, aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces and what not would fill the alphabets till eternity. Hence, the exclusion.

Anyways, without further blabbering, I present to you, the ABC's of my life...

Air Jordan's - Like Duh! Need I explain?    
Alyssa Milano - My first and longest crush
Afzalinah - One of the 4 women I fell in-love with in my life

Alyssa Jayne Milano :-)

Basketball - My favorite sport    
BMW - It's not because I drive one now but because it's always been a car I've had and I've always wanted. My first car, when I was 16, was a 1988 318. On my first date with My Small Baby, I was driving an E39. Beemers have always been a part of my life, always.
Bless The Broken Road - A song I've known for a long time but only recently became a major part of my life

My first car looked exactly like this :-)

Bless The Broken Road is a song that will forever be in my heart

ckliio9 - The name or moniker I am known by in the sneaker world. It is also my blog URL as well as the name I used in most of of the social media space    
Cocaine - The drug I was addicted to when I was a teenager and the one thing that could have destroyed me
Chase - My favorite TV show when I was a young, young boy

Dumdum - The women I love calls me 'Dumdum' for doing, despite being an intelligent guy, some of the most stupid things known to mankind! Ha!    
Donald Duck - My favorite Disney character

I am a Dumdum like Sam. 'I Am Sam' is one of my all time favorite movies

Eban - The name I was born with; Ivan was my departed twin's original name    
Emerald - My birth stone
Ernie - My favorite Sesame Street character


Filipino - Half of my ancestry and my blood    
Ferdinand - The name of my first pet - a female cat    

Gudang Garam - The other brand of cigarettes that I smoke and the one people are mostly likely to remember me by, at least in as far as cigarettes are concerned    
Guinness Stout - My only other preferred drink

Guinness Stout

Hai-Hai - My first love :-)    
Hermit Of The Rocks - My all-time favorite book, written by Sajjad Ali Khan
Horses - I love horses! They're the perfect specimen of perfection and they're also My Small Baby's Chinese Sign.

Nothing is more perfect than horses. I wonder if You remember these?

Ivan, IO, IIO - The names I am known by    
International Schools - I moved a lot during my younger years and throughout these movements, I always study at the International Schools of the respective cities we were living in

I'm a proud IS student!

I'm sure not many of you know everything written above about me, no? Sure, some of them are pretty much given, especially if you really know me but there are certain aspects of my life that I know not many of you know.

Obviously, I need to do this entry in parts. So yeah, that was Part I and I would try to do Part II as soon as I could.

Till the next entry...


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