The ABC's Of My Life - Part II

This is Part II of the ABC's of my life.

Oh, I forgot to include 'Ferdinand' in the previous post but I have edited Part I and included it, so y'all might want to check the previous entry if you wanna find out who Ferdinand is.

Part II is presented to you by the letters J till R *ala Sesame Street* :-)

July 19 - My anniversary with My Small Baby    
January 25 - The last day I was truly complete.
Jay-Z - My favorite rapper.
Jolo - The ancestral home of the Tausugs/Suluks.
Julia Roberts - My favorite actress

Jigga Man

Kay Leng - My Small Baby's Chinese name.    
Knicks - I know they suck in recent times but I will always be a Knicks fan. I've supported the Knicks since I was born! ha!
Kent - A cigarette Brand that I recently worked on. It makes the list not because of the Brand itself but because my life was completed while working on it.
Kal El - Superboy/Superman's Kryptonian name :-)
Khalil Gibran - One of my favorite poets.
Kaylani Lei - My favorite porn star! Ha! LOL

My beloved Knicks

Khalil Gibran

Latin - The language that I always wanted to learn but never had the chance.    
Love Affair - My all-time favorite movie (tied with An Affair To Remember - the 1994 movie is based on both the original 1939 Love Affair and An Affair To Remember)
Livestrong Bands - I've always worn one since it first came out, in honor and memory of my late Nana.

Love Affair (L - 1994, R - 1939)

Manchester United - The English Soccer Team I've supported since I was 10.    
Mensa - The organization of so-called 'geniuses' that I belonged to since I was a kid.
Madison Square Garden - Home of the Knicks. My Dad and I's place for Father-Son bonding.
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial - My preferred poison.
Magna Cum Laude - The recognition I always get everytime I graduated.
Malaysia Airlines - My Small Baby's Opit :-)

The greatest soccer team ever!

Madison Square Garden. Home of the Knicks. Mecca of basketball.

My Small Baby's Opit!

Nine - #9. My favorite.    
New York - Home. The city I grew up in.
No One Else Comes Close - The song by Joe. It's My and My Small Baby's song :-)
Nescafe Coffee Mocha - My morning, and sometimes afternoon as well as night, drink.

The best city in the world!

O - My blood type.    
Old Trafford - The home of The Red Devils.    

The Theater of Dreams

Prince - The nickname all my teachers - from grade school to high school - gave me. Apparently, I charmed my way out of troubles all the time :-)    
Princeton - 'Nuff said. My alma mater. The gate of knowledge.
Prostate Cancer - My biggest scare.
Polo - Horses and green grass = Calmness. My other favorite sport.
Penang - The place that would always equal LOVE.

The campus of knowledge

Penang will always equal LOVE, always...


Rachel - My Small Baby!    
Ralph Lauren - My favorite clothing Brand.
Rat - The year I was born according to the Chinese Calendar.
Red Devils - See Manchester United above.

My gorgeous Small Baby!

My Chinese Zodiac

There you have it, my life simplified from letters J till R. Hopefully, I'll find the time to write the 3rd and final entry of this subject.

In the meantime, in case you didn't know certain things about me, now you at least have an idea as to what I hold dear to my very existence.

'Till the final part.


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