The ABC's Of My Life - Final Part

This is the final part of my attempt to simplify my life.

Like in the previous entries on this topic, I forgot to include some aspects of my life in the preceding letters but I have updated them already.

Under the letter C, I added 'Chase', the first TV show I could remember liking. It became de facto my favorite show when I was very, very young and even though it only lasted 1 season, the reruns allowed me to watch it again and again and again.

Then under D, I added Donald Duck :-) And I also included my Favorite actress in the letter J.

So yeah, here's my life from letters S to Z.

Small Baby - My term of endearment for My, err, Small Baby :-)    
Sabah - My other home.
Suluk - My tribe. What the Tausugs are known in Borneo.
Stand By Me - The song by Ben E. King. My all-time favorite song.
Superman/Superboy - A moniker people affectionately refer me by
Sean Penn - My favorite actor.
STPI - TLOML. The last there'll ever be.

You'll never see anything like this except in Sabah

Suluk: My People, My Tribe.


Tausug - My tribe. My people. See Suluk above.    
Tu - The only word I spoke till I was 4 years old
Taurus - My zodiac sign
Tuesday - My favorite day
Thriller - MJ's record-breaking album. The first album I ever owned.
The Champ - The first movie that my Dad and I watched, just the two of us.

Tausugs are known to be one of the bravest people in history

I'm a Taurean true and true

The Champ is a great, great movie

The very first album I ever owned

UN Building - My playground as a kid. The place I go to every Tuesday after school.    

My after-school playground every Tuesdays

Valedictorian - The award I got when I graduated elementary and secondary.    
Voltes/Voltus 5 - My favorite Japanese anime series when I was a kid

Voltes 5! In the States, it was known as Voltus 5.



Yankees - My favorite baseball team. Pride of NY. Actually, if you're not from the city, you tend to support the Mets but I love the Yankees.    
Yoko Yoko - LOL. It has become a permanent fixture in my life because of the chronic neck ache I have.
Yankee Stadium - Home of the Yankees.

The Yankees, NY's best baseball team! Ha!

The majestic Yankee Stadium

Yoko Yoko! LOL

Z - The only best friend I ever had.    

I don't know if I forgot anything, I'm sure I did miss some but as of this writing, whatever that I could remember, it's all here.

So yeah, like everybody else, I am just a normal guy trying to make his life worthwhile while he's still in this world. Like y'all, there are things that I hold dear to my life; things that I liked, even loved, from as far as I could remember and things that definitely helped shape me to be the man I am today.

Anyways, why don't you try it and do what I did and simply your lives in ABC's.


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