Who Knew?


In a certain way, I could so relate to this one!

See, I didn't know what methadone was, let alone know that the government is actually feeding them addicts with such drug to replace their addiction to the more potent ones. I’ve heard of methamphetamine but I never knew that there was a drug called methadone!

Who knew we had such a caring government eh?

I don’t quite get the message of this picture though; is it saying that he was saved by someone who introduced him to methadone as a replacement for coke? Or is it saying that he’s never heard of methadone, just like me?

We do really learn a lot of things from the most unlikely circumstances, no? Who knew worrying about someone when they go feed the addicts could be a source of new found knowledge?

And here I thought I was a genius!


Such is the beauty of life...


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