Typical Malaysians!

Sad, so sad!

But I'm not surprised at all.

A research recently conducted has shown that 87% of Malaysians who uses BlackBerry's do not even know what/who Research In Motion is!

Malaysia is a society who jumps onto the bandwagon without knowing anything. They blindly follow a trend because a lot of their peers have and/or are using the same product.

I mean, I ain't dissing anyone who use them Berry's, yknow? I was a user myself but personally, between an iPhone and a BlackBerry, the former trumps the latter. I have used both at the same time and that's just my own opinion ; I know 87% of those who have Blackberry's won't agree.

But I don't care.

I'm no tech expert but I've used both as a consumer and iPhone is way better

And hey, numbers don't lie :-)


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