This Is What I Listen To...

I usually don't entertain requests from most of my readers but I do make exceptions.

And she’s one of the exceptions. Definitely one of the exceptions.

She is the one person I know who has followed my blog since I started blogging here in the Blogger platform and the one person who has religiously followed me ever since.

Anyhow, she sent me an email asking me if I am still into Hip-Hop, to which I replied with a resounding 'hell yeah!'

Hip-Hop is still my preferred music

I then asked her why; after all, she knows I'm very much into the whole culture and not just the music. She replied that after my last confession, she wondered whether I have reverted back to listening to Musicals. And rather cheekily added that, considering I’m getting older as well, it’s only perfectly natural for me to go back to that kind of music genre!


Run DMC + Beastie Boys

I guess having been living in New York the last 4 years or so, she has acquired a liking to Musicals and who can really blame her, it’s such a soothing and moving, not to mention classy and cultured, genre.

Anyways, she asked me to show her the songs I have in my iTunes and she specifically requested for my personal playlist! I guess she just wanted to really know whether I meant what I said that I still listen to Hip-Hop!


There is a bit of everything but it's still mostly Hip-Hop

So, here you go, just for you.

And as you can see, I may have mellowed down a bit and have a bit of everything but majority of what I listen to is still Hip-Hop.

Satisfied? :-)


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