The Things People Say...

This is one of the biggest bullshit known to mankind!


Why is it that when someone breaks up, and while they are still in pain, they always say that they would never love again? Or that the person they just broke up with would be the last person they'd love?

In a way, I totally understand but surely, it begs to be asked: at the core of your existence, isn't such statements nothing but a blatant lie?

Of course, as always, there are exceptions. I know that there are people who truly mean and live through it when they say that someone would be the last person they'd love. Or I know that there are people out there who is incapable of loving anyone anymore after losing someone they love so very much.

It could happen. I know it happens. I've seen it happen.

I remember My Li'l Girl once said the same very thing. I told her that she'll love again and I know, in time, I would be proven right :-)

I suppose we just have to charge it to the immaturity and/or naivety and/or confused state of the thoughts of someone in pain, no? Mind you, I'm not saying the immaturity/naivety of a person - even matured people think the same - but rather, the immaturity/naivety of the thoughts.

Feel me?

Oh well.


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