Oh-Em-Gee! You're Such A Poser! *Paris Hilton Way Of Talking*

God, I seriously can't stand posers!

I have an issue with people who wear fakes but as I've said, even if I don't agree, I understand. But I have no understanding or whatsoever for people who go out of their way to show that they have Branded items on them!

Rule #1 in wearing Branded items: If you have it, DO NOT flaunt it!

Not just prosecution but they should also be sent to a rehabilitation center

The thing is, unfortunately, the noobs in the game do just that. It’s really a common faux pas for the noobs in the game to think that by conspicuously showing that they are wearing and/or they have branded items on them would make them a Branded person.

Sadly, it’s the actual opposite. People who regularly wear branded items will tell you that they don’t even try; people would naturally know. The most fundamental aspects of wearing branded goods are to have an emotional connection with that particular brand; it must fit your personality and not the other way around. And more importantly, having a pair of shoes or two or a wallet or a few shirts and pants wouldn’t make you a branded person.

As mentioned, the word that applies is regular. To be a bona fide member of the branded people, killing yourself to buy a few branded items here and there just wouldn’t make the cut. If you want to be known as one, you have to allow the respective branded goods to speak on your behalf, and never the other way.

Just because you wear branded goods today doesn't make you a branded person; you need to do it everyday

You know what people who genuinely wear branded goods call people like you? POSERS!

Yes, that’s what you are. And isn’t it the exact opposite of how you want to be perceived?

There is nothing wrong in aspiring for branded goods, not at all. But it shouldn't be at the expense of your life. Here's another rule for y'all posers out there: the rule of thumb is, for you to be a genuine branded person, you must at least buy one item per month of the same brand.

If you can't afford to regularly buy them, then you're just not there yet.

Wearing branded goods do not make an elitist; it's a lot more than just clothes

It’s really simple, kids. When your parents send you to school, use that money - the money they worked so hard to earn - they send for your daily expenses. Don’t use it to get branded goods; it doesn’t help you become a branded person, y’know?

And if the people around you make you feel good just because they notice the branded items you wear and/or have on, they are nothing but enablers who are posers just like you.

Do I hate posers? No. I actually pity them. I know too many people who are willing to sacrifice a lot of things just to be able to afford branded items and despite all that, in the eyes of those who are genuinely brand wearers and carriers, they ain’t nothing but a bunch of wannabe’s and social climbers.

Sad but true.


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