Of Spain, The World Cup and Malaysian Street Parties

Spain won the World Cup, we all know that.

I ain't gonna analyze the game man, this entry ain't about that. Having said that, it was a boring game and both Spain and Holland were scared to make mistakes and because of that, it was a drag.

Anyways, as much as I always prefer to watch games in the comfort of my own home, World Cup final is an exception. My Small Baby and I made it a point that we were gonna head out to watch it and we decided to go to the Dunhill Street Party in Bangsar.

Tin-Tin and I! She was a sweetheart all throughout the night and because of her, we didn't have to queue

As always, being the absolute sweetheart that she is, Tin-Tin hook us up with the tickets and thank God she did because there was no way we were gonna queue up to get in.

And as expected, there was a huge crowd and while the Dutch had their own supporters, it was obvious, as soon as you get to the venue, that majority were rooting for the Spaniards. They also had numerous games and what not for the crowd to do and enjoy while waiting for the game.

The stage but the video feed was awful!

The crowd were seated like school children! LOL

The Crowd was civilized and it's a good surprise

Here’s the thing though; I don’t get it why some women do not understand what a street party is! As soon as we got to Bangsar, we saw girls in fake leather boots! Now, who fucking wears leather boots in Malaysia? Did these girls even know that they look absolutely ridiculous?

Oh, and then are those who wear high heels and miniskirts. If you were going clubbing, then by all means but to a street party? *shakes head and disgust and disbelief!*

Who wears high heels to a street party? Only in Malaysia!

Dayum! Only in Malaysia.

My Small Baby had a great time and that was the most important thing to me, y’know? Watching her happy more than made up for the ache my poor body had to endure watching the entire game standing up.

It's clear which team My Small Baby supported!

What's a World Cup without authentic Vuvuzelas eh? Courtesy of Ms Gorgeous :-)

Old age, I know… But it was still worth it.

Oh well.


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