Of Lebron, Unbearable Pain Of Betrayal And Such

From a king to a pariah. From hero to zero. From most loved to most hated. And all in a span of 10 seconds.

That is the fate of LeBron James.

You know, much has been said about LBJ’s betrayal. But personally, his decision to leave his hometown and go to Miami to play for the Heat is really none of anyone’s business but his own.

This SI cover says it all; it's D-Wade's team, LBJ is just there for the ride!

Having said that, I also totally understand where the Cleveland fans are coming from. Actually, you don’t have to be from Ohio to despise Lebron for abandoning not only his team but the entire state.

But irrespective of which fence you sit on, everyone will agree that the way he abandoned the Cavs to go to Miami is wrong. As we all know, he had a one-hour special on ESPN to announce his decision.

If truth be told, it was ill-advised, bratty and totally devoid of class.

I ain’t no LeBron James but I could truly relate.

I know how it feels to be on top of the world - admired, loved, people look to you in awe and for guidance and what not – only to fall in a matter of seconds. Granted my fall was not in seconds but a few days but I know exactly how it feels to be revered one day, and reviled the next.

The only difference between LBJ and myself is that it was his actions that brought about the hatred whereas I acted after the hatred, ‘nah mean?

I was hated before I did what has since been proven to be ill-advised, bratty and totally devoid of class and until now, I really don’t know why. When things started going wrong, I tried with everything I had to patch things up and albeit at the back of my mind the chances were not so bright, at the very least, I just wanted to remain civil.

Closure: everyone needs one to fully move on...

And it was, until the time when I was stuck in JHH and incommunicado. During that time, something went wrong and honestly, I am still trying to unearth what it was. I try not to burn bridges, y’know?

But something happened and I didn’t know why then, I still don’t know now.

And that is what frustrates me the most.

One day, I will find out where everything went from bad to worse and when I do, only then I could finally have the closure to that chapter in life.

Sucks to be me eh?


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