My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

I have always been a fan of Alyssa Milano.

Always have. Always will.

And even if she is no longer in the upper echelon of Hollywood, I still love her; actually more than I used to, because of what she's doing - being very much involved with all the charity works and all.

Just like My Small Baby, Alyssa Milano was gorgeous then, still gorgeous now

This entry is not about why I love Alyssa Milano and before I digress from my intended topic, let's just say that the date December 19 binds me to her in such a way that people can't really comprehend what I'm talking about. As for that particular date, only a handful people know what it signifies and I'ma leave at that.

Anyways, she's got a new movie called 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend'. It tells a story a girl who is in a relationship dilemma - she's seeing two guys at the same time and I guess she needs to choose between them.

The movie is not out yet, so no, I haven't seen it. But I like the concept behind the whole movie and it reminds me another entry I wrote sometime back, that basically questions the concept of sharing.

Click on the pic to watch the movie trailer

Difficult as it may for people to believe, let alone understand, the notion that people could share someone, not because they are willing, mind you, but because of the love they have for the person who is the catalyst in the love triangle, is not only possible but a reality.

I know it happens. I've seen it happen.

And as I continually find ways to navigate out of this funk that I am in right now, I take solace and some comfort in knowing that my thoughts are brought to life and presented in movies, allowing me to believe that I haven't' gone totally insane just as yet! :-)

And because it's an Alyssa Milano movie, I'ma definitely watch it!


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