LBJ or Kobe?

In the world of basketball, the most asked question is: 'who is the next Michael Jordan?' and the answer is no one.

The next most asked question as well as the most debated is: who's the better baller: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

And for the purpose of this debate, let's forget for awhile that Kobe has already 5 rings while LBJ has none, shall we? Or that LBJ went to Miami and joined D-Wade's team while Kobe stuck it out in LA to win 5 championships with the Lakers - 3 with Shaq and 2 as the undisputed leader.

LBJ v Kobe: who's better?

So yeah, who is better?

Personally, I have always believed that Kobe is better than LBJ; he's the closest player to ever be crowned as the next Michael Jordan, not that anyone could be really the next MJ, no? Yes, he is the closest but he ain't no MJ.

Anyways, that is just my personal opinion. But let The Greatest player to ever play the game tell us, and once and for all, put a stop to the incessant 'who-is-better' question and debate.

And who better than His Royal Airness to judge, eh?

Click to watch who, according to the Greatest, is better

There you go folks!

No more debates, aight?


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