It Ends Tonight!


Everything I’ve tried to build and rooted for have just failed and fallen apart this year.

Whatever they call it - whether it's The Sidam Touch or The Sadim Touch - it’s confirmed that I have it!


It ends tonight! It has to! I'll make it end tonight!

I'm sure y'all heard of the Midas touch, right? When everything you touch turns to gold? Well, I can now confirm with no pride or whatsoever that I indeed posses the complete opposite.

Every team I sided in the current World Cup has lost and now that Argentina, who together with England are my favorites, has been booted out by, yet again, Germany, you can add that to the already long list of pain, disappointments and failures I've had to go through this year.

The Germans are playing beautiful soccer! And they deserved to win!

I'm not taking anything away from the Germans; they are playing beautiful football and deserve to be where they are.

But I'm still ruing the chances.


This unenviable string of bad lucks, and curse, has to end sometime.

And it ends tonight.


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