I'm Honored And Humbled

It's always a great feeling to know you made a difference.

Even if that difference is trivial and not of life-changing proportions, the fact that you made a difference is an honor like no other.

It may not be a big deal to the best friend of someone My Small Baby and I have known for quite sometime now but to me, personally, it is a huge honor. And I can't thank the person enough for allowing me, or what I wrote, to be something of a positive influence on her.

I wrote about incurable optimism mostly to remind myself that despite everything that happened recently, I still have something to look forward to in my life; and that rather than mope about the pain the experiences brought, I'd instead use it as the foundation for me to go on with my life.

Who knew a little self pep talk could make an impact on someone's life eh?

I'm honored. And really grateful.


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