I Wanna Go Home!

I really have to find my way back home.

I am confident that I can handle whatever awaits, I know I'm ready to leave the haunting past behind.

All I really need now is the opportunity; there are lots of reasons to be back in KL but opportunities, while there are are a few choices, my heart and mind is still set on the organization that I spoke with a couple of weeks back. Hopefully, they'd revert back next week with an offer :-)

I'm tired of shuttling back and forth; spending the working week here in HongKong and the weekends, whenever I can, back in KL. I just want to go back and be among family and friends, y'know?

And while the work here provided me with the right experience and enough time to get away, and recuperate, it has inadvertently outlived the reasons and rationale as to why I am here in the first place.

It's time to go back home. I wanna go back. I'm ready to be brilliant again.

All I need is, not just an opportunity, but the opportunity.

Feel me?


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