I Know I'm Expensive But...

I know I'm expensive.

I know that.

I know I am in a category of the 'ludicrously highly paid' peeps.

Money is important but it ain't everything

And I also know that my academic qualifications and, more importantly, my occupational experiences, with specific focus on my successes and the kind of organizations I've made those successes at, gives me the right to be in that elite group.

I ain't gonna get into my accomplishments, I'm sure people who are in the same industry already know what I've done. And even if they don't, I know, sooner or later, they would.

Yes I am pretty expensive but you know what, money ain't everything to me. Yes it's very important but all throughout my career, I've never decided to take on something purely based on how much I'm gonna earn.

Branding is an art and a science that I find most amazing

Nor is title important to me. I am not one of those dweebs who get off in orgasmic bliss from having a glamorous title and yet, earn a fraction of what I do and/or worst, whose job scope is nothing more than being a whore doing the most insignificant works.

Yes I am expensive but I’m not unaffordable.

I don’t mind taking a significantly lower pay from what I was/am currently earning but there must be a good reason for me to do that. And that reason is the opportunity to work with the great minds in the industry as well as the opportunity to be part of a team that has the potential to help create and/or evolve great Brands.

Last week, I met up with the head of the department of an organization I have always admired. I have been a huge admirer of the works they have churned out through the years in different parts of the world and I have always put myself out there for this organization, hoping that the powers that be would one day know my desire to join them.

And thank God, they have!

Between the opportunity to make more money or create/evolve great Brands, I always choose the latter

I like the honesty of the guy I would be reporting to, should I get the job. He put his cards on the table and if you know me enough, I have the deepest respect for people who calls spades spades and he’s like that.

I am not one to go into details of what was discussed but suffice to say, I hope we could come to a solution that would be beneficial and fair to both parties. I may be earning way more than they can afford but I could not stress here enough that, for the opportunity to be part of a group that works on great Brands, I’m more than willing to meet them half-way.

Yes I am expensive but for the right price, I am affordable.


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