I Guess I'm Going Nowhere :-(

Not anytime soon, anyways.

As much as I want to go back to Malaysia, with the latest not-so-good developments, I guess I'm stuck here in HongKong for awhile more.

And it sucks big time. Like a lot, a lot big time! :-(

I'm like a yacht docked; I want to sail home but tied and can't :-(

But hey, what else can I do, eh?

I've had a very bad year and while I am on the way to a full recovery, some parts of my life are still going through very much the same bad luck but you know, I just need to stay positive and believe, truly believe, that when the rain finally stops, blue skies are gonna be in the horizon again.

I'm going nowhere in the meantime...

I know it's an uphill task to believe again but that is the only thing I have going for me right now. I am not gonna allow this recent setback to push me further; rather, I'm gonna use it as a springboard to jump into a bright future.

God be with me...


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