How To Tell If You're Special To Me

A lot of you might have seen me wear it.

But I doubt anyone of you - besides My Small Baby - knows that there is one shirt that I always and I mean always wear when I go to a very important event and/or when I’m celebrating something.

My usage of this shirt also tells you whether you're special to me or otherwise.

I know I am eccentric

I know you probably think it’s no big deal considering that you’ve probably seen me wear the same shirt before. I’m not saying I only wear it when it’s a special occasion, no; I do wear it on normal days too but what I’m saying is that, when I consider an occasion to be of major significance that is very close to my heart, then rest assured, I would be definitely wearing this shirt.

Confused? Get it?

Let’s just put it this way, if you have an event to celebrate and you invite me and I wear this very shirt, then it means you are special to me. Similarly, when I go somewhere important and/or I am out to celebrate something, then this is the very same shirt that I wear, always.

My 'Special' shirt

So, if ever you invite me to an event - birthday, graduation, wedding, divorce, or whatever - that is of major significance to your life and/or I invite you somewhere to celebrate something and I’m wearing this very shirt, always remember that you’re special to me.

'memba that.


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