Distinctively IO, Apparently

When we see certain things, we can't help but be reminded of certain individuals.

I'm sure y'all know what I mean. How many times have we remembered people - either present or past - when we see things that we have subconsciously and inadvertently equated with that particular person?

I know I have. I still do. And I will always do.

I'm sure we all get reminded by someone when we see some things...

I could never see a Malaysian Airlines aircraft or crew or anything related to flying without thinking of My Small Baby. I am also reminded of My Small Baby whenever I see someone with bunny teeth.

Similarly, without fail, every time I go to Delicious, I always think about my mom. Or whenever I see a pack of Kent Silver Neo, the thought of My Li'l Girl comes to mind. Or every time I pass by Paradiso, I automatically think of the Urfman and the Kent Girls.

The point is, even if we don't do it intentionally, there will always be things that would automatically remind us of someone.

I always get texts and/or calls from and/or I always gets constantly told by the peeps around me that this thing or that thing made them think of me. Isn’t it sweet that people remember, or even miss you, when they see something in particular that reminds them of you and/or the times y'all shared?

Anyways, from all the texts/calls/chats/emails and what not that I get, I find that there are 5 common denominators that apparently remind people of me when they see. And they are, in no particular order, the following:

1. Air Jordan

I think this is given, no?

But it's not just Air Jordan sneakers that people get reminded of me. From what they tell me, every time they see the Jumpman logo - be it on a pair of shoes, t-shirts, shorts, etc - they automatically think of me.

2. Ralph Lauren

In a way, this is also given.

But what I like about how people are reminded of me when they see an RL is the fact that it's not because I wear them most of the times but because of the memories that we shared, such as how anal I am about fake RL's and how I make the laugh when I start blabbing about how the polo player is about to fall of his horse on a fake RL! Or despite the fact that I'm not the only one who wears RL, they haven't met anyone who has more RL's than I do.

3. Suriya Gudang Garam


Talk about being remembered for the wrong reasons!

Again, like Ralph Lauren, I'm not the only one who smokes Suriya Gudang Garam but they are all unanimous in telling me that they have never and will never meet someone who is Ivy League-educated, smart and worldly person who smokes such a 'rokok jamban' cigarette!


4. Nescafe Mocha Coffee


This one I don't know. I think maybe because I have always one in my car or maybe they always see me drink it. But I'm not the only one, no?

Or maybe, it could be because, whether I'm at work or at home, I always seem to have them.

What do you think?

5. Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial

This is also given.

I think people who have gone out with me would automatically think of me when they see a Moët. But you know what, only a handful of them actually know that it's not just Moët & Chandon per se, it has to be Brut Imperial.

Again, I am not the only one who prefers Moët but they don't know anyone who only drinks Moët & Chandon.

Fair enough. But I guess them being reminded of me when they see Moët & Chandon very much has to do with the fact that they don;t know anyone else who only drinks Moët. I for one know a lot of people who shares the same taste exclusively.

So yeah, there you have it; the 5 things that people apparently think of me when they see.

As I've said, it's sweet. But you know what's even sweeter? If they think or miss me even without seeing those 5 things. don't you agree?

Oh well.


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