Did Chris Brown Steal The Limelight?

I don't think so.

In memory of the first anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, Chris Brown was tasked with the expected yet still-surprising Michael Jackson tribute and personally, I think he did justice to MJ's dance moves, as much as anyone could, really.

Click to watch Chris Brown's MJ tribute

But it was his sweet timbre, whether it was out of feeling for Michael Jackson or introspection directed at his own past foibles, when he choked up and didn't manage to continue his rendition of the classic "Man in the Mirror" that got people talking.

Did he steal the limelight?

I don't think so.

Yes it was moving but whatever the reasons that made him tear up, I personally think he didn't fake it nor was it meant to steal the show. Besides, and believe you me, I know how it feels to breakdown even if you don't want to, even if it goes totally against how you are perceived to be as a person and most definitely, even if it is in the most unlikely of places.

There were lotsa highlights

Yes it was definitely one performance to remember but to me, it wasn't THE highlight of the show.

In a show where there were numerous highlights - the return of Kanye from his Taylor Swift-interrupting exile, TI making his first appearance post-prison, Alicia Keys doing a medley of her songs (oh, she won 2 awards too, one of which is for 'Best Collaboration' with Jay-Z for my song) and the multiple-artistes tribute to Prince - the one that stood out for me is the one below.

Click on the pic to watch the video but you need to watch the whole thing to know what I personally think is the highlight of the night :-) Just look at the mad respect and love everyone was giving him as soon as he appeared!

This was THE highlight of the BET Awards 2010!

It may be have been a Black Entertainment show but it was a white boy who ruled the night!

Edit: I re-upped the videos and/or you can also watch them below:

This was THE highlight of the BET Awards 2010!

This was THE highlight of the BET Awards 2010!


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