Welcome To Miami!


Jesse Falowitz must be extremely happy right now! If I were still back in G2, I could see him running to my room and saying "dude, isn't this sweeeettttt!!!? Miami gets LeBron!"


So yeah, anyways, after weeks of frenzy and numerous 'LBJ is going to...' rumors and tales, Lebron James decided to leave his Cleveland home and head over to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat with Flash and Bosh.

The Flash and The King! Oh, LBJ is gonna wear #6 and Wade has always worn #3 and together, they're gonna be a 9 :-)

This makes the Heat instant contender for the NBA title but you've gotta give it to Pat Riley, he's a genius. To get all these three players to play in his team is unbelievable but then again, if there was one man who could turn fairy tales to reality, it's Pat Riley.

The announcement that made Cleveland cry

But it remains to be seen whether the new trio could play together and lead the Heat to another championship. On paper, they're a shoo-in to sweep everyone in the East but that's on paper.

Personally, I would have loved for LBJ to join my beloved Knicks - who managed to get Amare - but I guess the chance to win a ring immediately is King James's priority. Hopefully, we can get Melo and Tony P next year.

The King goes to Miami and that's that.


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