Can't Buy Me Love?

Would a woman in Malaysia date a man without considering the financial aspects of that person?

In a recent Twitter conversation with my mirror, we touched on a topic that sort of eluded to the question aforementioned and I was greatly intrigued.

Can't or can people buy love?

I mean, sure one's financial background ain't the main basis for dating someone but would a woman date someone who is far less inferior to her financially? I’m sure there are, no? But is it safe to say such circumstances are rare?

But it still intrigues me though.

And I'm not talking about college days, that's different because it's the parents whose money is involved, not their own. Moreover, at that stage in someone’s life, girls will go out with a dude just because he’s cute or he’s in a band or that he’s a rebel or something.

I'm talking about someone who already has a career, or at least is trying to build one; would a woman in that position date someone who is inferior monetarily?

Say, you're an executive with an MNC, would you date someone who works as a Retail Assistant? Or how about a waiter? Or a dispatch boy? Or someone who earns minimum wage?

Honestly, would a Malaysian woman date a guy without thinking about his financial capabilities?

I'm only questioning women because we all know that men, on the other hand, have no qualms dating someone who earns less, provided of course they have the looks and the bodies! Men are just bastards like that, y’know?

And I ain’t gonna apologize to the men who read my blog. I'm just calling a spade a spade.

Moreover, in a relationship where the differences in financial backgrounds are so blatant and obvious, it's always the men who earn more, no? How many women do you know who dates a man who is far less inferior to her financially?

And I don’t even want to go into the physical aspects of things; can anyone actually tell me, and let’s be honest with ourselves, that it’s a common sight for a beautiful woman to date someone who is physically less beautiful and more importantly, financially inferior than she is?

Let’s be honest now. Is it common?

Hell no!

But is it a common sight if the roles were reversed?

Hell yeah!

What is a common sight? Rich and ugly men dating beautiful women or rich and beautiful women dating ugly and financially so-so dudes?

But of course, and I have repeated this time and time again, like everything else in our lives, there are exceptions. But the truth of the matter is that it is very rare.

So yeah, back to my original question: would women date a man without the financial aspects of that person being a factor?

I’m just asking.


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