Are We Being Short-Changed and Out-Foxed?

If you're gonna do anything, do it the right way or the way it's supposed to be done.

I have always believed in that notion; ask anyone who knows me enough and they'll you that I am the type who'd rather not do things if I can't do them how they're supposed to be done.

And I would like to apply this thinking to Fox Asia.

I just recently found out - courtesy of My Small Baby - that Fox is now available in Malaysia via Astro. It's good that Malaysians get to watch the station that rocks but what I don't understand though is why they can’t give us the other shows that makes Fox the best channel in the States.

Granted that it is operated under Fox Asia but hey, if you wanna bring your station to this part of the world, the least you can do is give us what you have and not a pity selection of what you think we like.

As far as I can remember, since its inception when I was still a teenager, Fox had always great shows - Married With Children, 21 Jump Street, Arsenio, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, New York Undercover, Party of Five, In Living Color, Ally McBeal, That 70's Show and The Simpsons.

Recent favorites such as House, 24, Lost, American Idol, NCIS, Family Guy, and the record-breaking Glee, just to name a few, are part and parcel of the Fox network.

Why can't they then give us what they have?

I understand that licensing is a major revenue for the network but I say, if you don't want to give us your full list of shows, then open up an affiliate in this part of the world.

Corporate America sucks!


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