Achieving Happiness Via Unconditional Means

I still can't get Inception out of my system!

The movie is fuckin' awesome but it's the whole concept of dreams and what dreams could and couldn't achieve that keeps bothering, more like, intellectually stimulating, me.

The best movie of 2010!

I wrote yesterday that the movie didn't mind-fuck me at all as I am already living within the realms of dreams; that I force myself to think and eventually dream of things I want to happen, even though I know that when I wake up, whatever notions I forced upon my deepest thoughts are from the truth.

But as I've said, I need to do that to be able to sleep and feel good about myself when I wake up.

Anyways, if you paid attention to the dialogues - something that I always do - the movie has some exceptional ones but that one that sticks in my head is the following:

Ariadne: "Why is it so important to dream?"
Cobb: "Because, in my dreams, we are together."

The above conversation reminds me so much of an entry I wrote sometime in February of this year.

While they are not exactly the same, the concept of wishing to be in a certain space - be it in a dream or where one is truly dead - so as to be happy with someone you love so very much is present in both and paradoxically true.

Unless you have experienced it first-hand, the concept of happiness through pain is unfathomable

It could be such a misguided notion that happiness could be achieved via pain and/or in a make-believe world but unless and until you have understood and lived through that very seemingly absurd concept, it's truly hard to fathom how.

But believe you me, it could and it does happen.


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