2010: A Half-Year Review In Retrospect

New Day, New Life.

Today officially marks that we’re halfway through the year.

What was supposed to be a great year for me turned out to be a nightmare of sorts. I started the year with great hopes that what I had then would continue to go on for a long, long time.

Today is a brand new day

But as well know, shit happens.

If truth be told, I never imagined that I would be where I am right now. Everything was going great but believe you me, all it takes is something trivial, and untrue at that, to change what was once a great life into a total nightmare.

I mentioned in a previous post that I loved where I was but unfortunately, by a cruel stroke of disappointing events, my world spiraled into what it is now. Worst, they were not even my fault to begin with. I’m not absolving myself from what I did afterwards nor am I providing excuses, I know what I did and didn’t do.

But lest people forget, let me remind the people concerned and/or who were affected by my actions that I'm a pretty smart dude. And while what I did could be construed as unforgivable by some, all I can say is that when the time is right, people would realize and recognize - at least the smart ones - that I did it for their own good and not because I was vengeful. I may have been bitter but I could never bring myself to hurt people I loved, unless it is to help them in the long run.

It's a fresh new start for me...

But it’s all in the past now. I admit I was bitter at how things turned out but I am past it; they happened for a reason and while I am still grasping with what the reasons are, I have nevertheless moved on. One day, we’ll find out. That’s just how the world works, no?

Anyways, yeah, it’s halfway through 2010.

I’m not gonna deny that the first half of the year is something I’d rather forget, like a nightmare that you get out of as soon as you wake up. Well, I have woken up and I’m ready to embrace the 2nd half of the year with the same positivity and a renewed hope that things will work out.

I went through my own changes...

Having said that though, there are still a lot of things I’m thankful for; my parents, My Small Baby, My friends and most of all, the Almighty for giving me a second chance to fulfill whatever it is that I’m destined to be and to do in this world.

And that is why I could totally relate to Eminem's 'Going Through Changes' track. After going through what I went through, the rhymes of that particular track just expressed whatever I went through and what I wanted and need to do.

Finally, I’m starting to have a glimpse of another great future.


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