Yes, I Have A Blog. No, I'm Not A Blogger.

I'm sorry but I'm not here to please people.

A few of my readers wrote to sort of complain why I’ve stopped writing posts that are lengthy in nature. Some said I’ve turned my blog into a Tumblr account by posting pictures with a line or two of my thoughts while others request for more entries on subjects they like to read.

Thanks but you know what, y'all should know me better than that.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: my blog is about my life and not the other way around. Plus, I've never considered myself a blogger, just someone who has a blog.

Unlike the popular bloggers out there whose life very much revolves around their blogs, mine is the exact opposite.

What I write in my blog is very much what I feel or what I think. I don’t have a pattern with the entries you find in my blog. The subjects are as varied and different as night and day but then again, so is my life.

A lot of my hardcore Sneakerhead readers have gone away because there’s nothing to look forward to anymore. And I totally understand and absolute agree with them. If it were me, if the blog I follow has somehow lost the one thing that makes me keep on going back, I’d do the same and stop reading that blog.

I ain’t gonna start trying to edit my thoughts and feelings just so I can please people who read my blog, y’know?

I ain’t like that; y’all who come here regularly know that.


Oh, one more thing, some of you requested to see a picture of how I look like now. Because, and only because, I know that you guys are just worried, I'ma acquiesce to this request.

But not now :-)


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