Who Does This?

Lately, I've been having a very high number of visitors and page loads.

Other people might be ecstatic but I'm not; I'm not comfortable with that kind of numbers. I know it started with the 'Class v Thrash' entry and I thought it would dwindle and return back to normal after that but unfortunately for me, the exact opposite happened.

What are you looking at, fools?

I ain’t gonna get into details but suffice to say, a lot of people use proxy servers to get on to my site. I could check if I want to but ever since I outed those who use such proxies, I stopped being bothered and just let them be.

What I don’t get though are people who spend too much time reading my site. I mean, welcome but dude, don’t you have anything else better to do? I’ll give you guys an example with what I mean.

In the stats below, there is someone from the island who checked my website yesterday at 5:49 pm. But it didn’t end there; instead every a couple of hours or so, this person logs back on to check my site and here’s the kicker, it goes on till fuckin’ 4 in the morning and a total of more than 10 hours worth of reading, or snooping!

Multiple checks every a couple of hours till the wee hours is a just too much, no?

Isn’t this a tad bit too much?

There are a lot of them who surfed my site this way. I could do a thorough analysis - hey, after all, I'm a Planner - and determine the address of the person and if I were to ask certain favors from the peeps at TM, I could even find out who the line is registered to. But I just couldn’t be bothered, y’know?

Flattering or alarming? Or both?

I really don’t mind people coming to my site but I do have a problem with people whose motives are suspect. Are they looking for more dirt of someone? Well, I can tell them they ain’t gonna find it here.


Honestly, I don’t know whether to be flattered, pissed or alarmed.

Get a life, fools! Or do something that would make your momma proud!


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