What’s With Butterflies And Sex Tapes?

Another day, yet another sex scandal.

The latest stupidity - or is it unconditional love? - that is currently hogging the Indonesian media are the leaked sex videos of the Peterpan lead singer with two prominent Indonesian artistes, one of whom is married with a kid.

Cut Tari

Whereas the video with the married woman - Cut Tari - is indisputable, the other one is being contested. Some say it is indeed Luna Maya while others say it couldn’t be her because the one in the video showed a girl with a butterfly tattoo while the actress doesn't have a tattoo.

The funny thing is, while I was on MSN with My Muse last night, I mentioned to her about butterfly tattoos. We didn’t talk about sex videos or anything like that; the subject just came into topic. She told me that she has a tattoo of a butterfly and I told her I knew.

Luna Maya. Is the Butterfly Tattoo a permanent or temporary one?

And when I got up this morning, a link from GutterUncensored was sent to me and that is how I found out about the Indonesian sex scandals.

And that got me thinking. What’s with girls with butterfly tattoos and sex tapes? Why do they like to do them?

Maybe it’s just a huge coincidence that the majority of the last few sex videos of famous people that were leaked always had a girl with butterfly tattoos.

And when I think of that, it makes me both shiver in fear and sigh in relief.

Butterfly + Sex = Leaked Sex Videos!

And it also got me thinking again.

They say most people could forgive but not forget. I say, I don’t want people to ever forget that, despite the lies and the usage of my love and kindness to social-climb and be somebody, I forgave.

Had I not, I know for a fact that there should have been another butterfly tattoo and leaked sex videos.

I don’t need a thank you, I just want You to never forget that.


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