What’d I Tell Y’all?

The 80’s is the best generation ever!

Musically, with a doubt. And now, movies and TV shows too!

Have you ever noticed the mushrooming of remakes these days? They’re mostly remakes of movies and shows from the 80’s – Karate Kid, A-Team, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.

Technology took away the fright that made Freddy famous

As My Small Baby opines, peeps in Hollywood are ‘running out of ideas’ and I couldn’t agree more. My only issue with the remakes is that they’re very much technology based; hence, eliminating the romance and sentiments of the original shows.

The current remakes will definitely make a killing in the box office but it will never able to capture the beauties of the originals.

I guess, current generation of viewers relies too much on what they visually see, whereas my generation was very much about the story-telling. I just hope they won't remake any of John Hughes' classics.

Again, it’s a privilege to have been part of the 80’s.


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