What A Stupid Ad!

In Malaysia, government agencies are known to come up with the most stupid of ads but the latest TVC from MYEG ranks as one of the most stupid ever.

Really, the person who heads the marketing department should be fired! This is just plain waste of communication money. And whoever approved this is either a moron pretending to be a marketer or just a moron.

Click on the pic to watch one of the most stupid Malaysian ads ever!

Jumping onto the Glee bandwagon, they wanted to do a musical but miserably failed. And c'mon now, the least they could have done is get someone who knows how to actually dance. I ain't dissing Deborah Henry, it's just another paycheck for her, but she was just way off with this one.

Oh, and the agency should be canned too! They're either probably laughing their asses off for selling such a stupid idea and amateur execution or they're just dumb themselves.


Oh well.


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