What I Should Have Done

In retrospect, I should have allowed my boy to put the videos and pictures up in his website; that was my initial decision anyways but I was caught up with wanting to do what is right that I backtracked.

What is 'the right thing to do', anyways? Ain't in nothing but a perception? What is perceived to be 'right' could be wrong to other people, no? If I didn't go back on my initial decision, it would've definitely ruin someone's dignity and even though she's proven to be a twat, I still think I did the right thing.

Some of you disagreed with me then and may disagree again now but I'm cool with that, y'know?

And y'all are right, I could always holler at my boy and tell him to put it up but by doing so, it changes the whole dynamics. There is a huge difference between giving consent and asking him to put it up.

'Nah mean?

Anyways, I consider this as a mistake I should've made but I don't wanna visit the past and try to change it. I should've done it in the first place and since I didn't, I'ma leave it at that.

But, but if I am ever presented a new chance to make a 'mistake-that-I-should-have-made,' this time around, I'ma definitely jump at committing that mistake.


A, if you're reading this, I ain't changing my stand. I may be regretting but I ain't changing, feel me?


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